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Staff – NetForex

Mark Soberman
Mark Soberman:
President & Founder Of NetForex

I decided that I would start sharing my stock and options fundamental forex analysis over the internet which really was just getting going,
 and actually via the fax – and so begin NetForex back in 1996. At that time, I knew I had endless passion for trading and in my mind I felt there was an opportunity to provide very specific, 
realistic training and exact trade signals.
Brian Short

I started by trading OEX options, which at that time were quite popular – this was before the e-Mini futures basically took over. Following a signal type service I did O.K., but felt I didn’t really know “WHY” I was taking these trades since it was basically a blind signal.

Will Feibel

I trade futures, specifically the 144 tick TY (10 year treasury notes) and the 89 tick S (soybeans). I’ve also traded the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, and Russell 2000 eminis in the past. At this point I’m considering adding the TF (Russell 2000 emini) to my trade plan.

Adnan Younes

Adnan was part of Citi Group’s Investment bank rubbing shoulders with top Forex traders on the floor. From there he developed a keen understanding of how the markets work. Started his first Forex Trading account in 2003 and has been a trader ever since. After joining NetForex in 2013, he caught the bug of automated fx trading development and has trained more than 1000 traders since on his unique ideas and forex strategies.

Shane Daly

I got started in Forex mostly due to the low initial capital required. I am not a fan of demo accounts and thought that would be the best way to learn to trade. I eventually started to enjoy the nature of FX broker and trade it to this day…

Mike Rykse

I am from Kalamazoo, Michigan which is a small town 2.5 hours from Chicago. I still reside there to this day.

Troy “TJ” Noonan

In all roles, he has trained traders from all walks of life from all around the world. Troy initially came to forex broker as a customer of the NetForex Universal Market Trader. But after seeing his excellent in-the-market performance and instructive technique he was soon recognized as a valuable asset and asked to join the company…

Cheryl Nofziger

Cheryl holds the keys to the kingdom, so to speak; she is what makes NetForex run smoothly and assures that customers get the care and support they need. Her goal at NetForex is to make certain customers know that we care about their forex success stories and offer friendly, professional support. I had an opportunity to have chat with her earlier this week – enjoy this short interview!