EURUSD Forex chart

Forex trading nowadays is very popular due to its currency trading, and the most popular trading
in pairs is EUR/USD.

This pair is a leader on the forex market. The euro ranks second after the US dollar by the
volume of operations on Forex - approximately 39% of all transactions.
The currency pair Euro / US dollar enjoys great popularity among traders and is confidently
included in the "four major". It deservedly occupies a central place in the portfolio of many
leading investors around the world. This currency pair is considered as the main and most liquid
of all pairs. The combination of EUR/USD connects the largest and most authoritative world
economies. Being extremely popular among traders, the EURO/US Dollar pair has a fairly high
volatility throughout its existence. The European debt crisis seriously affects the quotes of the
currencies in question. A pair of EUR/USD can always find a huge array of analytical
information, which allows you to conduct a thoughtful and accurate trading. Due to this, this
currency combination can be used to work in the forex market, both beginners and professionals.
 Thanks to the Euro Dollar (EUR/USD) chart section, you can see not only the current EUR
USD quotes for forex, but also the detailed history of this pair since the appearance of the
In addition to the hourly chart of the euro, other time intervals are also available, such as minute
and daily charts. Moreover, users can get high-quality Forex Forecasts EUR / USD for today and
tomorrow. Of course, each trader decide himself, which information is useful for him, buy the
main objective is to know, how and where to get the necessary information.