Free forex chart

Classic trading involves trading with a special program (terminal or platform), which must be
pre-installed on the device: a computer, a tablet, a laptop or a phone. In this way, most brokerage
companies work. But not everyone likes to download additional applications, clogging the hard
drive's memory.

 In addition, often during hours of increased activity, there are hanging and slippage in such
programs, making the conduct of speculation inconvenient and inefficient. Therefore, in recent
years an increasing number of traders has opened and closed orders using a free forex chart.
 Free forex chart: advantages
When conducting transactions in this way, there is no need to download or install anything. You
only need to have a device for trade and Internet access. Such graphics are absolutely free. They
allow you to monitor all market trends directly in the browser, representing a unique tool. Also
they are called live, real or online graphics.
 They are built on the basis of the latest technology, which makes it possible to broadcast prices
in the present tense without delay and freezes.
 Even the increased excitement, immediately affecting the operation of any terminal, does not
affect the operation of such a tool. It does not consume significant computer resources, does not
require additional disk space, it is enough to go to the broker's site and start trading.
 The interface is convenient and intuitive, in addition, it is easy to configure for the needs of any
trader. On the left are usually located technical tools. In the upper right corner is the window of
the asset selection. They are represented by a wide range: from currency to stocks and binary
options. To switch from one to another, you need to delete the previous name and select the
desired one.